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Combating Sexual Misconduct

The Brothers of Pi Alpha Phi are committed to the community in regards to addressing sexual misconduct in our community.

In August 2020, Pi Alpha Phi empowered an Advisory Committee to examine major aspects of the Fraternity. One area of focus was on the topic of Risk Management and Conduct. In June 2021, the Advisory Committee made the following recommendations, which the Fraternity has since enacted:


  • Chapters should receive annual education on core purposes and benefits of the Fraternity, including diversity, mental health and wellness of members, and masculinity issues.

  • The National Fraternity should begin annual assessments to measure baseline and metrics of success of various programs.

  • Training members in creating safer and more inclusive environments at Fraternity events, including bystander intervention for preventing and reporting problem behavior

  • Partnering with subject matter experts to update the Fraternity’s policies and procedures regarding sexual misconduct prevention and reporting

Social Events and Activities

  • Chapters should be required to submit an event plan for approval for both national fraternity and university. Form is in the forms section of

  • Chapters should receive annual training to host safer events, including sexual misconduct prevention, consent, hazing, and other risk management concerns.

Policy Updates

  • An effective student and chapter conduct policy emphasizes personal responsibility and is education-centered and prevention-focused. Students and student chapters are expected to uphold the organization’s standards and values. Students and chapters are expected to accept responsibility for their behavior and learn from their violations. The goal of the conduct process should be changing behavior and reducing future violations. Rather than focusing on Sanctions, the Fraternity should focus on Outcomes.

Procedures when an allegation is made:

When the National Fraternity receives an allegation or learns that a host institution or local authorities are investigating an allegation of sexual misconduct by a member or potential new member, the chapter will immediately be notified of the accusation.

The National Fraternity will designate a Judicial Standards Committee.

Based upon the initial information provided, JSC will make a determination of whether or not an initiated member should be placed on temporary suspension while the allegations are investigated. Two members of the JSC may approve a temporary suspension. A potential new member under investigation is ineligible for initiation unless and until the investigation and any resulting disciplinary action is complete.

Upon learning of allegations against a member, JSC may take further steps, including, but not limited to, consulting with the school or law enforcement, and reviewing any documents provided by the school, local law enforcement or other sources. The JSC will protect the identity of the person making the complaint. All efforts shall be made to avoid interfering with any ongoing university or criminal investigation.

If the Fraternity learns that local law enforcement officials have determined that probable cause exists to believe a crime has been committed, or if the university has commenced formal disciplinary proceedings against a member, the member may be placed on interim suspension by JSC. The determination of suspension or return to active status is to be made by JSC.

The JSC may take further steps including, but not limited to, conduct expulsion if the member is found guilty in a university-sponsored proceeding or pleads guilty or is convicted in the court system.

Any initiated member who attempts to interfere with an investigation by the university, local authorities or the National Fraternity will be immediately placed on temporary suspension while JSC reviews whether or not that member’s conduct and interference is conduct unbecoming of a member of Pi Alpha Phi. If any future member engages in any of the foregoing conduct, his status shall be terminated by the chapter, and the chapter may not renew his status as a potential new member in the future.

If any Fraternity official is contacted by a person who complains of being the target of sexual misconduct, the identity of that person will be kept confidential. Under no circumstances will Pi Alpha Phi Fraternity attempt to provide counselling or any advice other than to consult with appropriate university or other authorities. To avoid misunderstandings, student and alumni members should not have any contact with the person believed to have been the target of sexual misconduct.


  • An Incident Report form has been added to, which can be used alongside previous communication channels, such as email, phone, etc.

  • Risk Management and other Fraternity documents are posted in the Resources section at as well as emailed annually to student members.

  • Legal Hotline 1-888-668-4293 Those who wish to leave a voicemail report can call the anonymous hotline at 1-888-668-4293. This hotline connects to a dedicated voice 24/7 mailbox at Manley Burke, LPA.

To submit feedback on our policies, reporting an incident, or general questions and comments, please message

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