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Pi Alpha Phi Statement on Sexual Misconduct

June 24, 2020

The Leadership of Pi Alpha Phi National Fraternity, Inc. has been made aware of allegations of sexual misconduct made against members of the organization. The National Fraternity has opened Investigations regarding these allegations.

As a Fraternity, we reaffirm that sexual harassment, misconduct, and assault of any person will not be tolerated by our organization.

Sexual Misconduct is explicitly addressed in our Risk Management Policy :


The organization and its members must comply with all federal, state, provincial, and local laws related to sexual misconduct. This is including, but not limited to, definitions around consent, sexual violence, sexual harassment, domestic violence, dating violence, stalking, and sexual exploitation.

The employment or use of strippers, exotic dancers or similar, whether professional or amateur, at any fraternity activity or event as defined in this policy is prohibited.


The organization prohibits retaliation against any individual – members and non-members – for reporting, inquiring, or cooperating with a report around a violation of Risk Management Policy.

Retaliation is any action, statement, or behavior that is designed to punish an individual for filing a compliance report, cooperating with a compliance investigation, seeking guidance regarding a compliance concern, or to deter one from taking such action.

These expectations are applied not only to those seeking membership in Pi Alpha Phi, but also to those who have already attained membership and have since been found to have committed or participated in any of the aforementioned acts.

Any members who have been found to have committed or participated in any of the aforementioned acts will face consequences up to and including expulsion from Pi Alpha Phi.

If you or someone you know is a victim of sexual assault, help is available through the following resources:

National Sexual Violence Resource Network: Nonprofit providing information and tools to prevent and respond to sexual violence.

SafeHouse Center: Nonprofit providing safety, support, advocacy, and resources for survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence.

Know Your IX: Provides information for students about their Title IX rights in regards to ending sexual violence on campus.

End Rape on Campus: An advocacy organization dedicated to assisting students file Title IX complaints.

For any questions, please contact the National Board at

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