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Statement on the Moratorium on Activities

The Pi Alpha Phi Moratorium on Activities was put in place, not as a reaction to any single incident, but instead as a response to a growing crisis surrounding issues such as sexual misconduct, alcohol abuse, and hazing.

This moratorium is an opportunity for our organization to take a pause, so we can consider educational and policy approaches toward improving the health and safety of our members and surrounding community.

While all of Greek life has struggled with issues such as sexual misconduct, alcohol, poor academics, and racism, this is not about them. This is about us. Pi Alpha Phi needs to address, confront, and engage each other to return Pi Alpha Phi back to its core values. This is not an effort just for today, but to define who we are moving forward. Moving Forward The national volunteer leadership has been working hard to address recent issues and lay the groundwork for positive change. We have started with a top down review of our new member education, our judicial policy, and programming of our fraternal operations to ensure this culture changes. There is a lot of work to do and it can only happen if we have engagement from our members. If you wish to join the effort to make positive change, I welcome you to contact the Fraternity and sign up to volunteer. There will be changes. It will be hard, but together we will return Pi Alpha Phi to its core values.

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