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Start a Chapter

Deciding to join a Fraternity opens up many opportunities, but sometimes it is difficult to find a fraternity on your campus that fits you best. If you believe that your ideals are best suited for Pi Alpha Phi, but we do not have a chapter on your campus, you may entertain the idea of creating a chapter of Pi Alpha Phi at your university.

Pi Alpha Phi is interested in expanding its ideas and values to new schools across the country by starting new chapters with men committed to our Pillars. We want men who believe in our ideals of Academic Excellence, Asian American Awareness, Brotherhood, Leadership, and Philanthropy. If these are values you believe in; we give you Pi Alpha Phi Fraternity.

Membership in a chapter of Pi Alpha Phi can help you develop life skills via:

1. Immediate Leadership Opportunities: Most Pi Alpha Phi chapters are small compared to the typical IFC fraternity. Instead of being in a chapter with 150+ men, our chapters average between 15-25 men. We view this as a strength, not a weakness. Our members are able to know each other better because of our small size. Additionally, our members are expected to lead by serving on a committee or hold an officer's position from the very first year.

2. Social and Career Networking: Pi Alpha Phi's entire undergraduate membership is around 325 men across the country. Because of our emphasis on regional connections, you have the opportunity to know each member in your region. Not only does this create great social and brotherhood opportunities and experiences, but upon graduation, you join our tight-knit career network. Brothers do not recommend you for a job just because you are a member of the Fraternity, but because you are someone they personally know and can provide authentic, customized recommendations based on personal experiences.

3. National Fraternity Support: Affiliation with Pi Alpha Phi provides a chapter with the structure, guidance, and support necessary for a chapter and its members to succeed. Some of the benefits include leadership programming at fraternity conferences, financial scholarships, and chapter operations assistance.

Want to learn more? Please email and we will be happy to answer any questions.

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