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Alumni Clubs






Brotherhood is Forever.

For many brothers, graduation from college is not the end, but the beginning of the Pi Alpha Phi experience. As our fraternity gains more and more alumni from different chapters, our members have spread across the world. Joining a local Alumni Club is free and helps bond you with members from different generations and chapters. No matter where you are on Earth, chances are, you aren't too far away from another brother. Our Alumni Clubs will help you network with other brothers near you, and will help enhance your alumni experience.

Traveling to a new place? Reach out to the Alumni Club and they will do their best to host you.

Join a local Alumni Club

Each Alumni Club is managed by an Ambassador, who is responsible for the region; contact your local Ambassador to join.


DC, Maryland, Virginia - James Lo (gujames at
Iowa - Brian Nguyen (nguyenb2677 at

Los Angeles - Victor Wu (victorwu at

Puerto Rico - Victor Wu (victorwu at
San Jose - Roger Ngo (rskngo at
South Carolina - Evan Tan (evantan05 at


Guangdong - Ren Jianxin (renjianxin1992 at

Hong Kong - Richard Din (richard.din at

Singapore - Alex Lin (alex.lin at

South Korea - Daniel Song (baesong89 at

Taiwan - Karl Chow (kchow227 at
Thailand - Tan Tmangraksat (tan.tmangraksat at

Vietnam - Rolland Hoang (rolland.hoang at

Start an Alumni Club!

Don't see your location listed above? No problem, start your local Alumni Club and we will list it here. Contact richard.din at to get started.

Ambassadors have the following duties:
1) Maintaining a roster of local members, with their contact information
2) Managing a means of communication for all local members (chat group, for example)
3) Handling inbound requests from new local members or travelers

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