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Fraternities provide an environment where:

the ideals of the organization's Ritual sare encouraged on a daily basis
personal health, well-being, and safety are encouraged and promoted
academic achievement of the individual and group is valued and rewarded
the fraternity is a quality enhancement to the undergraduate collegiate experience

What are the values of Pi Alpha Phi?

Academic Excellence
Asian Awareness

How will Pi Alpha Phi enhance my son’s experience in University?

Shared bond amongst men of similar background
Small fraternity means more opportunities for entrepreneurialism
Easy-to-Gain Exposure
Leadership Development
Social Interaction and Development with other Organizations
Interaction with Older Brothers
Large number of successful alumni that can help your son in the future

I’ve heard some negative stereotypes about fraternities. How does Pi Alpha Phi address these?

Despite many of the stereotypes of fraternities, Pi Alpha Phi actually strives for academic excellence and partnership with the community.
Pi Alpha Phi is heavily interactive and supportive of each campus where a chapter resides
Chapters are expected to hold their members accountable. In this way, our members learn about personal and group expectations, discipline, and accountability. Additionally, if a chapter is unable to hold itself accountable, both the host university and the national leadership of Pi Alpha Phi have mechanisms to ensure proper behavior.

What is my role as a parent/guardian?

Take the time to learn more about the Fraternity and Sorority COmmunity
Ask questions about what the specific chapter offers your student in order to make the best decision for him. Fraternities are different on every campus, so allow your student to choose the group with whom he feels most comfortable.
Keep an open mind. Even though you may or may not have been a member does not mean that it is or is not the right choice for your son.
Discuss financial obligations with your son. Determine who will pay for what and the limits those expenses may include. Joining a fraternity is a lifetime commitment, both personally and financially.
You may also make donations to help support the fraternity by contacting a member from your son's chapter

Who can I contact for more information?

See our Chapters link to find contacts for the school you are inquiring about

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