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Why Pi Alpha Phi?
Pi Alpha Phi is a place where members develop character and live by time-honored traditions of honor, integrity, and brotherhood. Since our founding in 1929, we have stood for excellence and set high expectations for our members. We push ourselves to strive for higher goals and to hold each other accountable to those goals. Fraternal life is an opportunity to find peers to challenge you to reach your fullest potential. Our members expect to change the world and for over 90 years have delivered on those expectations.


When you first donned the letters of Pi Alpha Phi, you made a powerful statement of who you were and what you believed in. Those memories and experiences have stayed with you and contributed to who you are today.

The strength of our fraternity is fueled by the support of individuals like you who unite to promote and better our institution and its members.

If you would like to contribute monetarily, please make a tax-deductible donation to the Pi Alpha Phi Alumni Scholarship Fund. Your donations fund scholarship opportunities for our undergraduate brothers to help them achieve goals both academic and beyond.


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