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Responsibilities and Expectations

Brothers are expected to contribute immediately upon initiation, whether participating in committees, holding an officer position or providing input in chapter operations. Other expectations include:

  • Cannot concurrently hold active membership in another social Greek organization. Professional and academic organizations are allowed.

  • Abide by all National policies, procedures and bylaws.

  • Uphold the Pi Alpha Phi Member Code of Conduct.

  • Attend general chapter meetings and events

  • Attend the National Convention.

  • Other expectations may be required by each individual chapter.​

Financial Responsibilities

Pi Alpha Phi Fraternity, Inc. is a 501(c)(7) corporation, which is a special type of IRS exemption granting nonprofit status. We rely on membership dues to finance the national organization and chapter services.


Members are charged a one-time $650 fee assessed upon initiation into the Fraternity. This fee supports educational resources, administrative support, the fraternity-wide liability insurance policy with superior legal coverage and risk management support, as well as the operation costs of the National Fraternity.


Please note other financial obligations to join an established chapter or charter a new chapter has separate expenses.​

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