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Pi Alpha Phi is an extraordinary Fraternity with a historic legacy.


The past few years have been tough for Pi Alpha Phi and the Fraternity/Sorority community. It has impacted the Fraternity’s ability to maintain its continuity and sustainability. 


Donate now and help set our Fraternity up for long-term success. Make our Brotherhood stronger than ever. You can help solidify the Foundation of the Pi Alpha Phi for the next 100 years.





Is this donation tax-deductible?

No. Since this will go in as an operational investment to the national fraternity, this contribution cannot be used as a tax-deducted donation.


What will donations be used for?

Fraternities have many operational expenses, including leadership and educational programming, liability insurance, administrative costs such as the website, and software.


Can I make recurring donations?

Yes, please use this link:

Set the amount and then frequency to “monthly” or “annual”.


Since I am making this donation, do I need to give anymore?

We hope so! We know this contribution is a large sum for many brothers, however we should not stop giving to your chapter, the scholarship fund, or other related entities. This program is meant to support a specific task and is not an all-encompassing program that will benefit each and every initiative set forth by the Fraternity.


Who do I contact for more information?

You can email the National Board at

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