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Governing Documents

The National Council of Pi Alpha Phi is the Board of Directors. It is the administrative, executive and judicial head of the Fraternity and shall have, in addition to the powers expressly provided for in the Constitution and Bylaws, the authority to decide all questions regarding the meaning and interpretation of those documents and the authority to adopt such other resolutions, not inconsistent with the Constitution, Bylaws or Ritual of the Fraternity or resolutions or legislation adopted by the National Convention as shall be necessary or appropriate for the welfare and growth of the Fraternity.

In accordance with the National Constitution of Pi Alpha Phi, Board Members are elected for 2 year terms in alternating years.

The Pi Alpha Phi Constitution is the supreme governing document of the Fraternity.

The Constitution may be downloaded here.

The Pi Alpha Phi Code of Conduct is a set of guidelines, rules, and policies aimed to prevent misconduct and to address misconducts in a fair and equitable manner.

The Pi Alpha Phi Code of Conduct may be downloaded here

The Policy Manual is an integrated set of principles which form the basis by which day-to-day operations of the Fraternity are guided.

The Policy Manual may be downloaded here.



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