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Member Code of Conduct

Realizing the need to explicitly state what is expected of members of this Fraternity, to provide a guide for self-discipline and accountability within its chapters, and to impress upon all its members the importance of high standards of conduct and personal behavior, the Membership passed the following Code of Conduct in June 2008.

Membership in Pi Alpha Phi is a privilege.

As a member or future member of Pi Alpha Phi Fraternity, I agree to adhere to the following to the best of my ability in order to promote a strong Brotherhood.

Pi Alpha Phi Code of Conduct

  • I will know and understand the ideas and values of Pi Alpha Phi. I will strive to incorporate them into my daily life.

  • I will strive for academic excellence and to exceed the all-men's average at my campus. I will practice academic integrity.

  • Each brother in this fraternity is a unique and important component of this Brotherhood. I will respect his beliefs, dignity, and character.

  • Pi Alpha Phi is made up of leaders. As such, I will always participate in my chapter by either serving on a committee or as an officer.

  • I will attend and be on time for as many Fraternity related events as I can, be it of philanthropic, service, academic, or chapter related nature.

  • I believe in learning about the Asian American culture, heritage, and history. I will make every attempt to pass this knowledge to others.

  • I will learn and abide by the rules and regulations of Pi Alpha Phi.

  • I will meet my financial obligations in a timely manner.

  • I will not misuse nor support the misuse of alcohol or drugs. I understand that I am responsible for my actions when under the influence of any substance.

  • I understand that my personal behavior reflects upon the Fraternity. I ALWAYS represent Pi Alpha Phi, whether or not I am wearing my letters. I will conduct myself with dignity at all times.

  • I will respect my property, the fraternity's property, and the property of others. I will not abuse nor tolerate the abuse of property.

  • I understand Pi Alpha Phi is a lifelong commitment. I will promote our Brotherhood by remaining involved with the Fraternity after graduation. I will encourage other alumni to do the same.

  • I will challenge all members of my Fraternity to abide by this code and will confront those who violate them.

What if a member chooses not to sign the Code of Conduct?

Membership in Pi Alpha Phi is a choice. All members wishing to join Pi Alpha Phi must sign the Member Code of Conduct. If a member has any hesitation about signing the Code of Conduct, he may email and a national volunteer will be happy to have a conversation with him to discuss the importance of our Code.

What are potential consequences if a member does not abide by the Code of Conduct?

When the Fraternity finds that any member fails or refuses to abide by this Code of Conduct, the Fraternity may take such actions as permitted in the Constitution, By-Laws, the Code of Conduct, up to and including removing the individual from membership in Pi Alpha Phi Fraternity.

Are there specific examples of the definition of misuse of alcohol?

Alcohol misuse includes, but is not limited to, consumption of alcohol by members under the legal drinking age, excessive alcohol consumption, binge drinking, and driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

I have more questions that are not answered here, whom do I contact?

If there are further questions, please e-mail

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