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Iota - University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Kappa - University of Arizona, Tucson

Pi - University of Iowa

Chi - Clemson University

Psi - Iowa State University




Arizona State University

University at Buffalo

University of South Carolina


Closed Chapters

UC Berkeley*

SUNY Stony Brook

UC Davis*

San Jose State University*

UC Irvine*

UC Riverside*

UC San Diego*

UC Santa Barbara*

UC Santa Cruz*

Michigan State University

University of Washington*

Northwestern University*

University of North Carolina

North Carolina State University

San Francisco State University*

UNC Charlotte

UNC Greensboro

Drexel University


University of Delaware

University of Maryland, College Park*

* At some point, Pi Alpha Phi National Fraternity had a chapter at these universities. While there currently may be members attending these schools, Pi Alpha Phi National Fraternity does not recognize, endorse, nor support operations at these campuses.

Students at these schools are not allowed to join these organizations and should take note that should they choose to join, they will NOT be recognized as members of Pi Alpha Phi. Should you require further clarification, please contact


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