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Established in 1929, Pi Alpha Phi Fraternity, Inc. is the oldest Asian-interest fraternity that is still
active today. In keeping with this legacy, Pi Alpha Phi is committed to developing men of principle
who will not only promote but also embody the fraternity’s core values of Brotherhood, Academic
Excellence, Philanthropy, Leadership, and Asian American Awareness.

A “brand” is a subjective concept, constantly changing in accordance with people’s perceptions.
As such, consistency is necessary to avoid any confusion and miscommunication that would
negatively impact Pi Alpha Phi’s brand integrity. In particular, a standardized graphic identity
system is indispensible in providing an influential visual representation of the fraternity’s brand.
The guidelines provided provided in this manual will cover proper usage of fraternity graphics,
communication standards, social media presence, and general terminology. These are all intended
to help achieve the consistency that is essential for the proper communication of Pi Alpha Phi’s
mission and values.

Pi Alpha Phi Style Guide

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