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2018 National Elections

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

Pi Alpha Phi National Board of Directors Nominations are OPEN NOW.

Dear Brothers,

It is with great excitement that we announce the distribution of the 2018 Nominations Process for the 2018-2020 Pi Alpha Phi National Board of Directors. The National Board provides leadership and strategic planning to the fraternity. Service on the National Board is an opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to the leadership and direction of the Fraternity.


Nominate a Candidate to serve on the National Board of Directors by Wednesday, May 30, 2018!

Send a 1 page personal statement (or nomination) to the Elections Committee at A recorded video is also encouraged, but not required. Self nominations are allowed.

Full detail and timing considerations in formal letter below.


Dear Brothers,

Pi Alpha Phi is pleased to announce that nomination forms are now being accepted for the 2018-2020 Board of Directors. There will be three seats open for election during this year. In accordance with Pi Alpha Phi’s Constitution and by-laws, board members are elected to two-year terms.

We are seeking members from the fraternity who are looking for a professional development opportunity and are willing to serve as our volunteer leaders for the Board of Directors, helping to drive the organization forward through continual improvement, based on our mission and our values. In addition, board candidates should be committed to maintaining the fraternity’s professionalism and will be asked to invest extra time to serve on the board. Ideal candidates will have demonstrated prior service and contribution to the fraternity, and who are highly motivated.

If you know someone who fits the profile, or if you are interested in serving on the Board of Directors, the Fraternity encourages you to complete the board nomination form, which is due by Wednesday, May 30, 2018.

Board Member Expectations

The following are general expectations of all those serving on the Pi Alpha Phi Board of Directors:

  • Participate in quarterly (potentially monthly) Board of Directors Conference Call (1 hour)

  • Attend the Midyear Conference

  • Attend the National Convention

  • Board Members should expect to volunteer 1-2 hours per week for Pi Alpha Phi. Most employers allow employees 1-2 hours per week during the work day to take care of personal responsibilities, but that is not always the case. Candidates are encouraged to review their supervisor’s expectations prior to taking on the role to avoid difficult conversations later.

All potential candidates are encouraged to review candidacy requirements in Article V Section 2 of the National Constitution. If you are interested in running for a seat, please submit a personal statement (any length, but 1 page single-spaced is recommended) and a link to your personal video to the Elections Committee.

Recommended video criteria:

  • Length of no longer than 5 minutes

  • User proper lighting and composition (candidate should be center-framed, shoulders visible)

  • Use a microphone and ensure a quiet recording environment so that your voice is clearly heard

Self-nominations are allowed. Materials should be submitted electronically to by 6pm PDT Wednesday, May 30, 2018. Once elected, these officers will choose their President and other officers among themselves.

By June 1, 2018, an elections packet will be e-mailed to each Chapter President. Each president is instructed to notify their members of the statements, encourage them to read over the statements, and discuss how they want to vote.

Each chapter will be represented in this election by the undergraduate chapter president.

Voting instructions will be included in the elections packed.

Important Date Summary::

May 20 - Nominations for National Board open

May 30 - Nominations due to Elections Commissioner

June 1 - Commissioner will send out elections packet of nominees to chapter presidents

June 8 - Presidents’ votes are due

June 10 - Winners Announced

By August 15 - Past Board members and Incoming Board members will participate in a transition meeting

Any questions or comments, please contact the Elections Committee at

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