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90 Years of Pi Alpha Phi Brotherhood Stories: Nguyen Brothers

Chartering the North Carolina Trifecta - a legacy of brothers

by Danny, Jimmy, and Don Nguyen, interviewed by Tim Villar

Danny, Jimmy, and Don Nguyen - a legacy of brothers, contributed an important part to the Pi Alpha Phi presence in North Carolina each as founders of UNC, NCSU, and UNCC, respectively. The Nguyen brothers in the latest newsletter highlighted excerpts below:

Q: What convinced you to charter Pi Alpha Phi instead of other Asian Interest Fraternities?

Danny: Pillars and emphasis on brotherhood. The rich history and alumni network. The prior relationships I had with the other members who were chartering the fraternity and whom primarily contributed the hard work and effort to establish the interest group while working with the national organization and school administration.

Q: Did you always want to join PAPhi to follow your brother’s footsteps?

Don: At first no, Initially what made me look into it was my family, but ultimately I decided to follow through with it because I wanted to create a purpose for me and my friends. Our school is mostly commuter and we just go to class and go home, but chartering Pi Alpha Phi was one of the best parts of college and the people who became my pbros are really what made me want to join.

Q: Did you feel intimidated to join PAPhi as a legacy?

Jimmy: Definitely. Going through the pledge process definitely showed the impact that Danny made at UNC and beyond. And even though I crossed before Don, his commitment and influence at UNCC has been really admirable.

Q: As an alumni, what do you think of the legacy your family has created in North Carolina?

Jimmy: I think it's special for us to celebrate the accomplishment, but it's undoubtedly bigger than us. A lot of people helped build Pi Alpha Phi in NC, and I'm thankful to be part of the experience and hopeful for its future here.

Q. What were visits to other chapters like?

Danny: Open and welcoming - like being invited into a family member's home.

Jimmy: Like meeting family for the first time.

Don: Visiting other Chapters has always been fun and welcoming for me. From those in state, to visiting MSU and UMich bros, I've always felt the brotherhood and had a good time.

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