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Chi Chapter Announcement

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

The Clemson Charter Class successfully brought Pi Alpha Phi Fraternity, Inc.

on April 15th, 2017 to the state of South Carolina by gaining standing among the Multicultural Greek Council.

The distinguished gentlemen of the Clemson Charter Class consisted of Mr. Jeffrey Wang, Mr. Andy Hsu, Mr. Mark Domondon, Mr. Steven Lu, Mr. Shawn Patel, Mr. Aaron Frialde, Mr. Anthony Spyropoulos, Mr. Jordan Minoda, Mr. Samuel Zhou and Mr. Dominic Marosok.

Since their establishment, the colony has envisioned creating a community that not only holds up the five pillars of our Fraternity but embraces it to its fullest extent.

From working with the Humane Society and working with Solid Green to promote a healthy campus, the chapter has continuously excelled at promoting Pi Alpha Phi in a way that showcases how incredible the Fraternity is.

Based on a campus with little or no asian cultural roots, the colony has established itself as the primary advocate on campus to bring the Asian culture to the Clemson community.

They have collaborated with organizations outside of Greek life to bring the Lantern Festival to life, which brought a lion dance performance as well as lighting up our own Reflection Pond with lanterns full of hopeful wishes. They have held positions on our Multicultural Greek Council Executive Board before we became an official colony and that has not changed since.

The colony maintains the highest average GPA within Multicultural Greek Council, and thirteenth amongst all of Greek life. The Clemson Colony of Pi Alpha Phi has made great strides since chartering to become a chapter that the Fraternity can be proud of.

As such, on June 15th, the Clemson Chapter was officially awarded the letter Chi

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