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Founders Day 2021

On this day in 1929, six young Chinese American students at UC Berkeley, Elmer Leong, George Lee, D. Wing Tom, Tim Jang, Wing Chan, and Chack Chan signed their names onto the Pi Alpha Phi charter and became Founding Fathers of our great fraternity.

The Founding Fathers of Pi Alpha Phi were all born in America with the exception of Wing Chan, who came from China at an early age. These men faced many challenges because of their Asian heritage, which inspired these enterprising men to conceive the idea to form a fraternity to serve the several hundred students of Chinese descent at the University of California, Berkeley.

The Pi Alpha Phi Legacy was Born.

The Legacy continues to this day as our alumni remain a vibrant part of our Fraternity's Brotherhood. To mark this Founders Day, you can view this excerpt of an interview Founder Tim Jang about his Fraternity experiences.

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