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National Fraternity Update - 2018-01-08

Dear Brothers,

2017 was a historical year for Pi Alpha Phi. Our chapters crossed more men this year than at any time in the Fraternity's history. Pi Alpha Phi continues to grow stronger each year thanks to the commitment of each and every one of you. We look forward to seeing what our Brotherhood can accomplish together in 2018.

Pi Alpha Phi Virtual Town Hall - January 21

The January Virtual Town Hall takes place January 21st. Chapter Presidents are required to attend and will receive an invitation via email. Other brothers are welcome. If you need dial-in information, please email If you have any burning questions or concerns, this is a good chance to be heard. 2018 Regional Governors

Please welcome this year's Regional Governors Kevin Cheng (Midwest), Hing Fu (Southeast), Andrew Mun (Central). Lee Heh (Southern California) recently suffered a family loss and has taken a leave of absence.  This past year, after getting settled into their roles, they are taking on the project of updating the responsibilities of the role. If you have ideas or suggestions, please contact them directly. We are still looking for volunteers interested in serving as Regional Governor for Northwest, Northern California, Southwest, and the Northeast Regions. If you have any recommendations, please have them complete this volunteer application form at A list of volunteer roles is also on the same page.

Chapter Alumni Advisors

Chapter Alumni Advisors are some of the fraternity's most valuable workers. These volunteers work week to week with each chapter to help the chapter achieve its full potential. Our 2018 goal is for each chapter to have a real live breathing chapter alumni advisor (not just a name on a piece of paper needed for recognition). If your chapter does not have one, please nominate alumni by emailing potential advisors to

What to Do in a Crisis

If your chapter ever has a situation where someone needs medical assistance, call 9-1-1 IMMEDIATELY. A human life is worth more than the potential of getting in trouble. If you have questions about what to do during a crisis at a fraternity event, you can read our Crisis Management Plan at

GEICO can save you $$

Pi Alpha Phi’s partnership with GEICO gives you the benefit of great rates on auto insurance. You could shave as much as 15% off GEICO's already low prices -- Remember, every time you complete a quote, GEICO gives back to Pi Alpha Phi! Visit GEICO or call 1-800-368-2734 for a free quote and mention Pi Alpha Phi for a special discount.

Graduating? Join the Pi Alpha Phi Linkedin group!

Join over 500 of your Brothers by taking advantage of career opportunities and networking through the fraternity's linkedin group.

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