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Pi Alpha Phi 2019 Volunteer Application Deadline 11/30

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

This is a reminder that the application to join the 2019 Pi Alpha Phi Volunteer Team is Saturday, November 30th. Over the past 5 years, Pi Alpha Phi fraternity has experienced the largest membership growth in its history. This recent success of our Fraternity is a testament to our members’ desire for continual improvement in the Pursuit of Excellence. Additionally, the environment in which Pi Alpha Phi operates has become extremely complex, where we must address issues ranging from liability exposure, risk management issues, IRS audits, graduation rates, and dealing with various university requirements. The successful growth of the fraternity coupled with the increasingly complex fraternal environment has created the need for Pi Alpha Phi to approach our operations more professionally. To enable Pi Alpha Phi National Fraternity to provide the best service possible to our members, we are making 2 announcements today: We are growing our volunteer team. As the Fraternity has grown, we have an urgent need for volunteers to serve at the national, regional, and local levels. We have partnered with Synergos Association Management Company to perform the fraternity’s basic operational and administrative tasks. These tasks include member management tracking (new member registration, alumni relations, organizational communication, customer service to our members and volunteer leaders, etc), bookkeeping services, dues collection, and educational services. The difference to you, our members, is improved fraternity service, where issues will be able to be addressed in a timely, professional manner. Removing the administrative and bureaucratic burdens from our fraternity’s volunteers will enable them to focus primarily on the mission of the organization by serving its members and getting fraternity business done. If you would like to volunteer with Pi Alpha Phi this year, please complete this form by November 30: volunteer application. A list of existing volunteer positions is here. If you have skills and interest that can benefit the Fraternity, but do not see a good fit in the existing positions, we urge you to apply and a representative from the National Board will contact you to discuss potential roles. (also, if you know someone that would be a good fit, please encourage him to complete the volunteer application). This is the most significant change in the fraternity’s infrastructure in several years. Anytime there is change, there are questions about what this means for the fraternity as well as how it affects each individual member. The National Board has spent several years examining the issues regarding the fraternity’s infrastructure and has entered this partnership with significant forethought. There will be a Town Hall in the near future to discuss these improvements to the Fraternity’s infrastructure. Additionally, you can always email

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