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Pi Alpha Phi Experiences - Leadership & Philanthropy in the time of Corona

Hi Bros,

Hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend. We honor and appreciate the brothers that have served - thank you.

In this week’s newsletter, we highlight how brothers have continued to support the community during shelter-in-place. As different states begin to slowly open up, we remind you to stay safe (and wash your hands).

Thank you for those who’ve responded to share your memories of the brotherhood. Don’t hesitate and please continue to email with your pictures and experiences to be featured in future newsletters.


Ron Chang, Joseph Lih, Robert Shopshear, Poyun Tung, Victor Yan

Board of Directors

Pi Alpha Phi National Fraternity

PS - the Herbert Gee Scholarship ($1000) is still open to undergrads through 6/15 who exemplify the 5 pillars. Undergrads - apply here. If you are an alumni who’d like to donate - contribute here.

UC Davis’ Aaron Lim Delivers Relief for SF Chinatown

Brother Aaron Lim has been supporting the SF Chinatown community, which since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic in March have severely affected restaurants, with free delivery. Aaron has also recently overdelivered on his $20K initiative with the Chinatown Community Development Center to battle Covid-19.

From Aaron: “In March as covid began impacting our lives, I noticed that many of the small businesses were struggling, especially in San Francisco's Chinatown. I wanted to help, so since then I've started delivering food on Saturday's from my favorite restaurants to family/friends.”

He has since been featured in NBC, and Nextshark - you can contribute and support the SF Chinatown Community here.

UCB Alum & former UNLV Chapter Advisor John Kim - Frontlines at the ER

Brother John Kim, an ER doctor in Las Vegas, shares his experience on the front line:

“I’m exhausted... I’m dehydrated... I’m so hot. Taking off and putting on the protective gear just increases risk of exposure so I’ve been leaving it on all shift.

Meaning I can’t eat or drink anything the entire time.

My hand are irritated and bleeding from washing / cleaning then 100+ times a day”

Thank you John for your dedication to the community.

Inter-chapter Poker Games

For those who’d still like to relive those poker nights in the active house garage - now you can!

Bros from Irvine, Riverside, San Diego, UMich, San Jose, Berkeley, and more have been participating in games online.

They've been running 60 deep!

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