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Pi Alpha Phi Marks Second Annual AAPI Day Against Bullying and Hate

Updated: May 20, 2020

On May 18, 2020, cities, elected officials, influencers and community groups are commemorating the second annual Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Day Against Bullying and Hate, led by anti-bullying nonprofit Act To Change.

Pi Alpha Phi Fraternity is committed to ending bullying and hate in the AAPI community and is proud to join this movement.

AAPI Day Against Bullying and Hate is part of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month and marks the birthday of Vincent Chin. In 1982, Chin was falsely blamed for the layoffs in the auto industry, and brutally murdered in a hate crime. His murder fueled a national Asian American movement, one that must continue today, in light of the rising xenophobia and hate crimes surrounding COVID-19.

Sadly, our society continues to ostracize people who are AAPI. Every day, kids of all ages suffer from being bullied online and in schools across the country. In the AAPI community, this problem is often compounded by cultural, religious, and linguistic barriers that can keep these youth from seeking and receiving help. And certain AAPI groups – including South Asian, Muslim, Sikh, Micronesian, LGBTQ, immigrant, and limited English proficient youth – are more likely to be the targets of bullying.

This issue is now exacerbated by COVID-19. People of Asian descent are being blamed for the virus and targeted in verbal and physical attacks. There have been over 1500 cases of anti-Asian discrimination reported since the beginning of the pandemic. We publicly denounce all bullying and hate against the AAPI community, and stand in solidarity with Act To Change to encourage the public to foster dialogue, share resources, and end bullying and hate.

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