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Pi Alpha Phi Partners with APIAVote in 2020

Pi Alpha Phi reminds its brothers of our responsibility to affect positive change through our actions and promote civic engagement.

There are nearly 7 million Asian Pacific Americans eligible to vote. In 2016 only 3 million of them actually voted.

Many of our undergraduate brothers attend universities outside of their state of permanent residence. For these brothers, we highly recommend you obtain absentee ballots.

Additionally, we also recognize that many of our brothers, just like many college students, are not currently be registered to vote at all. Pi Alpha Phi views this as an opportunity for our chapter members to lead.

Pi Alpha Phi, along with other NAPA organizations has partnered with APIAVote to promote voter registration drives among the APIA community. Our role in this drive is to register every member of our Fraternity to vote.

No matter your political view or party affiliation, it is important to participate in our democracy. We hope all our eligible brothers choose to involve themselves with the election of our local, state, and federal leadership this election.

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