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The Legacy of Being a President in 2020: Brian Deo

It was a good opportunity to take a step back and think about what a fraternity really means. […] I know all the guys agree that we're different, but how do we show that we're different?

Brian Deo is a third-year student studying Entrepreneurship and Marketing sitting in as the President of Psi Chapter at Iowa State University. Brian reflects on his current role and the future of the Fraternity

You're stepping into this role as President during a pandemic. What are some of the biggest challenges that you face?

I’m in a position that no one's really had to do anything like this before. So, I'm really relying on myself as well as others opinions on what I should do. One of the reasons why I wanted to become president was to have more social events with more different groups this semester within MGC Greek Organizations. But because of the pandemic a lot of the plans were put on pause.

I have to switch from externally promoting PAPhi to strengthening it internally which isn't a bad thing because we can always work on ourselves. And especially during these times, it's a good time to work on ourselves.

You mentioned that now is a good time to work on ourselves? What do you mean by that?

Because of the moratorium, it was a good opportunity to take a step back and think about what a fraternity really means and ask, ‘What does it mean to us?’ I know all the guys agree that we're different, but how do we show that we're different? So, I want to have everyone reflect on what the fraternity means to them, and then work on it together whether it’s building leadership skills or finding a group of friends.

That mindset will help us grow farther. It's a good time for all of the chapters as well to reflect on their own chapters. Whether it be what ways to create a better image or reputation to everyone else. I know the moratorium and shutting down caused a lot of conflict between people. But now is a good time for us to work for ourselves. And once all of this stuff is cleared, and all of us have done the things that we needed to do - I think we're going to come back stronger. And then we’ll find ourselves really strengthening our brotherhood. There are people who are sticking around and working hard to get this moratorium lifted. t’s really testing our brotherhood.

What sort of legacy do you want to leave behind at Iowa State?

I want to be someone who has made a permanent change for our chapter. Even being the president during these times, our chapter could have honestly just quit with the pandemic and moratorium. But I see all the bros that want to help and want us to stay and be active. Our chapter isn’t perfect, but I think it really helps to reflect at a point in time where PAPhi struggled, but we got through it. And we’ll get through these times together.

Do you have a favorite memory from the Fraternity?

I went to our 2018 convention in Berkley, CA. I think it was a really good experience just because I never really met bros outside of really Iowa. Once I got to convention, I got to meet bros from the West Coast and East coast. It was super dope because everyone is super down. You’re a bro of Pi Alpha Phi? Then you're one of us. I had a lot of fun. Everyone was super welcoming no matter where someone came from.

On one of the last nights we're all hanging out in the hotel room. It was just all of the bros having fun, listening to music, and doing our thing. We're just trying to have as much fun as we can before we go back home. We also got to do a barbecue at the Alpha house. Seeing that house was cool because that’s where this fraternity all started.

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